Change : how you deal with it

Today I chooseto rise abovemy circumstances

Sometimes we find ourselves in the middle of a season of change and we do not necessarily wish to be there. We are powerless to change our situation but we do have the power to change something and that is how you choose to deal with the changes you are facing.

No matter your circumstances you have the power to choose the way you respond. You can choose to become bitter over your circumstance or you can choose to become better.

I have recently walked through a season just like this. We made a huge change in our lives by choosing to leave home and head overseas for a year of study at a ministry school. Our time living and studying in the USA was amazing but it was also a very tough season for me. I was far away from home, from friends, from family and from familiarity. I was homeschooling my son and taking care of my little girl in a small apartment in a foreign city.

Most times it was really hard and I even shed a few tears. On one hand I was going through something really difficult but on the other hand I was in this amazing place, a once in a life time opportunity and I had a decision to make. Was I going to let these difficult circumstances get to me and make me bitter? Or was I going to choose to rise above my difficult circumstances and choose to become better?

I chose better and I am so glad that I did because I had so much breakthrough. I did so much learning and growing that in some ways I feel like a completely different person. Becoming better was a conscious choice that I had to make every morning when I got out of bed. Today I choose to be happy. Today I choose to rise above my circumstances and become a better person for it.

Difficult circumstances can often lead us down the path of questioning God. We start to ask why am I here when I do not want to be? Why is this happening to me? Where are you God? What do I do now? But we need to remember that God is a good God and He is never far away.

Sometimes we find ourselves in these difficult circumstances because of our own choices or even at the hands of the enemy, but God will always be there to help us turn things around and even use the circumstances for good.

If you choose to become better in your season of change God will be right there. Draw close to Him and listen to Him speaking. He will begin to teach you His wisdom and show you His power. You can begin to experience great breakthrough and learn and grow beyond your wildest imagination.

Your circumstances may still be difficult but you will become better equipped to handle them. By drawing closer to God you begin to take on His courage, His strength and His peace and with Him you can handle anything.

Your tough season of change could just end up being a life changing event and you have the power for that to happen. Choose to become better, choose to be happy, choose to grow in faith and wisdom and find your strength, rest and peace in almighty God.


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