Hearing God : part one. It all starts with relationship


One of the top questions that I get asked is How do I hear from God for myself? Or How do I know if it is Gods will or not? People are desperate to hear from God and are desperate for reassurance that they heard from God correctly.

Hearing from God is all about relationship. It would be so much easier if God just gave us clear and direct words that we could obey but He is not a God who just speaks direct orders and demands to be listened to and followed. He is a father and He wants us to enter into a relationship, to be connected with Him in a father-daughter or father-son type relationship.

To be connected to God in this way we need to see Him in the right light. He is the perfect loving Father but sometimes if we have had a bad experience with our earthly Fathers we find it hard to connect to our Heavenly Father because we have a skewed view of what a Father truly is.

We can not view our heavenly Father with the same lenses that we view our earthy Fathers. Our earthly fathers are only human, they are flawed and sometimes will make mistakes. God however is the perfect Father and we need to get to know Him as that Father.

The scriptures reveal His perfect love for us. The scriptures tell us that…

Father God is not distant and angry, but He is the complete expression of love… 1 John 4:16

and that it is His desire to lavish His love on us simply because we are His children and He is our Father… 1 John 3:1

Every good gift that we receive comes from Gods hand… James 1:17

because God is our provider and He will meet all of our needs… Matthew 6:31-33

He loves us with an everlasting love… Jeremiah 31:3

and He will never stop doing good to us… Jeremiah 32:40

One day He will wipe away every tear form our eyes and will take away all the pain we have suffered on this earth… Revelation 21:3-4

For He is our Father, and He love us even as He loved His Son, Jesus… John 17:23

For in Jesus, His love for us is reveled… John 17:26

There are so many more scriptures that reveal Gods love for us and reveal His nature as a perfect Father. As we begin to know and understand His perfect nature we can then begin to deepen our relationship with Father God. It is from this deeper place in our relationship with God that we will begin to hear Him more clearly and know when we are in His will.

I encourage you to delve into the scriptures and discover Father God for yourself. Another great book I have read and can highly recommend is Experiencing Father’s Embrace by Jack Frost. This book helped me to let go of my earthly view of a father and really begin to understand the heavenly view of Father God. I have had so much break through in many parts of my life from simply seeing Father God through the right lens.

You can also listen to this beautiful spoken word – The Fathers love letter (just click here) or read the words of the love letter here. This spoken word is an intimate letter written just for you from Father God.


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