Do not be afraid to ask again


I love the story of Gideon found in the book of Judges chapter 6. Gideon is found by an angel in a winepress hiding from his enemies. God appears as an angel and He approaches Gideon and says “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior” (verse 12). Gideon is hiding, a behavior that doesn’t seem to be very warrior like and yet the Lord addresses him as who God has created him to be and not by what he actually is in the moment. The Lord is calling forth Gideon’s destiny as a mighty warrior.

The Lord tells Gideon that He wants him to go and defeat his enemy the Midianites.  The Lord turned to him and said, “Go in the strength you have and save Israel out of Midian’s hand. Am I not sending you?” (verse 14).

Gideon couldn’t believe that the angel was addressing him as a “mighty warrior”. Gideon doubted his own abilities. He couldn’t believe that God was calling him out to do something so bold and so brave so he needed to hear from the Lord again just to make sure. He had to hear from the Lord not once but three times to be sure that he had heard correctly…

Gideon said to God, “If you will save Israel by my hand as you have promised- look, I will place a wool fleece on the threshing floor. If there is dew only on the fleece and all the ground is dry, then I will know that you will save Israel by my hand, as you said. (verse 36-37) …

And God did just that. But Gideon still needed more confirmation so he asks God if he can ask Him one more time to do the opposite of what had just happened and of course God answered his requests and did it again.

God was patient with Gideon because God had chosen him to defeat the Midianites, Gideon did not yet recognize that in fact he was a mighty warrior, the Lord called forth His destiny and He strengthened him and went with him into battle and Gideon did indeed become the mighty warrior and defeated the Midianite army.

I love how Gideon was not afraid to keep asking the Lord for confirmation. I believe that this story also gives us permission to keep asking God for confirmation of the words He has given us too. The Lord might be calling forth our destiny but we do not quite believe it yet and need to hear from God again.

Like Gideon, we are not perfect and nor does God expect us to be. Sometimes we need to be told a couple of times before we get it right, or before we can step out into our destiny. I am sure that the Lord would rather that we ask Him again for confirmation then to do nothing with the word at all.

God is always speaking and He has a message for us. He will do anything He can to get it to us. He is patient and kind and gentle with us in our learning to hear His voice. Do not be afraid to ask the Lord for confirmation on a word or promise that He has given to you.

And then when you have asked for confirmation, listen out for it. Spend time with people who hear from the Lord, they may get a word from God too that confirms what it is you have been asking the Lord about or for. Begin to write all of these words and promises down and you will start to see a pattern in the things that the Lord is saying to you.

The Lord has a message for you. He is trying to call out the destiny in you and He is doing everything He can to get that message to you. Do not be afraid to ask Him again, He will answer you and then you can begin to step out and into your destiny as the mighty warrior He is calling you to be.

Hearing God : part two. Discovering Gods nature

walkway to beach

God doesn’t just speak to us so that He can give us directions. God speaks to us so that He can reveal His nature to us. He wants us to know Him by his heart, personality and spirit and not just be known as somebody that needs to be listened to and strictly followed.

God wants us to have a strong identity so He talks to us through His nature more then He does through direct words. He invites us in to discover more about Him and in return more about ourselves because we are created in His image.

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.Genesis 1:27

How do we hear from God about His nature? We have His word, the bible, which we meditate on until it becomes our nature too. As we study the word and write it on our hearts, our heart, character and nature begin to align with His.

The bible reveals to us that..

God is powerful… 1 Timothy 6:15

God is love… 1 John 4:8

God is the truth, the light, and in Him there is no darkness… 1 John 1:5

God is holy… 1 Peter 1:16

God loves mercy and grace and He is compassionate… Psalm 103:8

God is gentle…  Psalm 18:35

God is righteous…  Psalm 129:4

God is faithful… 1 Corinthians 10:13

So now we understand that God is loving and that He shows mercy, grace and compassion so whenever we trip up and make a mistake or fall into sin we know that we can come before Him and He will show us mercy and forgiveness. We can lean in closer to Him and feel the fullness of His love and compassion. He will always be gentle with us and we know that He remains faithful so we can come before Him time and time again and He will treat us in the same loving way each and every time. This is God speaking to us through His nature.

The more that we begin to rely on Gods nature inside of us the more confident we are in our identity and in Him. We begin to take on the mind of Christ. We now no longer need to be told what is good and right for us because we fully understand who He has made us to be and we know what we should be doing and when we should be doing it.

Hearing God : part one. It all starts with relationship


One of the top questions that I get asked is How do I hear from God for myself? Or How do I know if it is Gods will or not? People are desperate to hear from God and are desperate for reassurance that they heard from God correctly.

Hearing from God is all about relationship. It would be so much easier if God just gave us clear and direct words that we could obey but He is not a God who just speaks direct orders and demands to be listened to and followed. He is a father and He wants us to enter into a relationship, to be connected with Him in a father-daughter or father-son type relationship.

To be connected to God in this way we need to see Him in the right light. He is the perfect loving Father but sometimes if we have had a bad experience with our earthly Fathers we find it hard to connect to our Heavenly Father because we have a skewed view of what a Father truly is.

We can not view our heavenly Father with the same lenses that we view our earthy Fathers. Our earthly fathers are only human, they are flawed and sometimes will make mistakes. God however is the perfect Father and we need to get to know Him as that Father.

The scriptures reveal His perfect love for us. The scriptures tell us that…

Father God is not distant and angry, but He is the complete expression of love… 1 John 4:16

and that it is His desire to lavish His love on us simply because we are His children and He is our Father… 1 John 3:1

Every good gift that we receive comes from Gods hand… James 1:17

because God is our provider and He will meet all of our needs… Matthew 6:31-33

He loves us with an everlasting love… Jeremiah 31:3

and He will never stop doing good to us… Jeremiah 32:40

One day He will wipe away every tear form our eyes and will take away all the pain we have suffered on this earth… Revelation 21:3-4

For He is our Father, and He love us even as He loved His Son, Jesus… John 17:23

For in Jesus, His love for us is reveled… John 17:26

There are so many more scriptures that reveal Gods love for us and reveal His nature as a perfect Father. As we begin to know and understand His perfect nature we can then begin to deepen our relationship with Father God. It is from this deeper place in our relationship with God that we will begin to hear Him more clearly and know when we are in His will.

I encourage you to delve into the scriptures and discover Father God for yourself. Another great book I have read and can highly recommend is Experiencing Father’s Embrace by Jack Frost. This book helped me to let go of my earthly view of a father and really begin to understand the heavenly view of Father God. I have had so much break through in many parts of my life from simply seeing Father God through the right lens.

You can also listen to this beautiful spoken word – The Fathers love letter (just click here) or read the words of the love letter here. This spoken word is an intimate letter written just for you from Father God.