Hang out with people who ignite your faith

peple in field

I have this friend, she now lives on the other side of the world to me but I wish that we could be together again. I love spending time with her because she tells me the most fascinating stories of the encounters that she has with God. She has a level of faith unlike anything I have ever really seen before, she bravely steps out and takes risks with God and so has the most amazing stories to tell.

She leaves me wanting to know more, hear more, see more and encounter more of God and His goodness, power and love. She ignites my faith. She leads me to a place where I ask God to increase my faith, to take me deeper, and take me further then I have been before because I am hungry for more of You.

Faith attracts faith. Even the disciples, after they had spent time with Jesus, listening to His teachings and watching Him perform many miracles asked the Lord to increase their faith (Luke 17:5). They had been exposed to something that was beyond where they were at, they were exposed to a higher level of faith that they had never seen before and it left them hungry for more.

If you are not exposed to a higher level of faith then you do not find yourself asking the Lord to increase your faith. We need to hang out with people who ignite our faith. We need to expose ourselves to a higher level of faith so that it ignites a hunger and passion in ourselves to seek out more of the Lord and what He has for us, because He always has more for us.

Our testimonies are so powerful. When we share our stories of encounters with God and how He has radically shown His love, power and glory to us it helps to ignite each others faith. So keep sharing your encounters and keep hanging out with people who ignite your faith because this will lead you into a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Lord where amazing things can and will happen.


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