Dealing with our dark side : part one


I had a moment the other day when my old bad habits began to surface again. My bad habits were thoughts and feelings that I thought I had dealt with and moved on from but they came creeping up on me again.

I found myself becoming unhinged. I was becoming upset and all my hard work was being slowly unraveled. I was only having a simple conversation with someone but that was enough to get me thinking like I used to think in my old way of living which was not healthy.

I had forgotten who I was, who God created me to be, that I was worthy and loved and I had forgotten all of Gods promises to me. The light in me was slowly fading and my dark side was being revealed again.

I just wanted to hide, to eat chocolate and watch re-runs of Friends over and over again but I felt God calling me to come and spend time with Him. Thankfully I did because He showed me that I should not feel shame over slipping back into my old thought patterns and that my dark side coming to the surface was just an opportunity for me to deal with it permanently.

Can you relate to my story? Do you find yourself becoming unhinged, slipping back into old ways of thinking, feeling and living? There is no point keeping our bad habits hidden. God wants to shed light on your dark spots so that we can get back to being the person He created us to be.

When we acknowledge that we have areas in our lives that we need to work on, when we repent for the things we may have said or done the enemy will have no power over us. He will have nothing that he can use to shame us with. We have brought everything to the feet of Jesus and He has forgiven us and now He desires to help us to no longer live or think that way.

Don’t feel like a failure or be ashamed when your bad habits begin to surface. See it as an opportunity to grow, to draw close to God once again and ask for His divine wisdom. He will continue to work with you on these things time and time again because He loves you unconditionally and longs to see you flourishing in life and for you to be happy.

What is it that unhinges you?Ask God to keep helping you with it.


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