I admit it, I hate the process!

You have to love process

I am on a journey. I have a picture of what the final destination looks like in my mind and I am working my way towards it. Sometimes that picture changes and shifts shape a little but there is still that perfect picture in my mind and I am trying to get there as best I can and as quickly as I can. But, I hate the process of getting to that final destination place. I hate the slow working and chipping away at the “dream” so to speak. I want it all and I want it now.

I just want to skip over all the hard work and arrive at the picture perfect final destination. I am finding that my frustration levels are rising often and then I want to give in, give up and move onto something else more achievable, or something that will not take as long to arrive at.

All perseverance leaves me and the pity party sets in. I begin to ask God questions like what is going on and why is this not coming to pass more quickly. Am I on the right path, did I get it wrong, do you want me to do something else, and I give a big scream for help!

While I was in this state of helplessness I came across this great quote…

You have to love process. You have to enjoy it. Why? It’s the process that makes you rich because that’s where you learn who God is for you and who you are becoming in Him. Let’s see problems as possibilities and possibilities as a part of our story and our journey to train in us in favor and expectation. That is when, even if we’re under pressure, we can receive the things that God wants us to have. Graham Cooke.

It was a big fat reality check.

I am not loving my journey or lets call it my ‘process’, in fact I hate it. The simple fact is that I have lost sight of what this process is actually all about. My process is where I am supposed to be learning and growing. Learning who God is for me and learning who I am becoming in Him.

This reality check hit me hard and I realised that I needed to stop the pity party and let the learning and growing begin. To step back from my circumstances and ask the Lord what are you doing in this situation and what are you doing in me and then to be still and listen for His answer.

To see all the problems before me as possibilities for me to become closer to the Lord, closer to becoming the person He created me to be and closer to my final destination as a happy, healthier and whole person.

The journey is my training ground for future expeditions. If I can withstand the fire and the rain I will be better equipped for anything that comes my way. Like going from strength to strength and from glory to glory with the Lord.

And even in the midst of my trails I will still be able to receive from the Lord the things He wants me to have and to learn because I am open to learning and growing and not standing off in the corner ignoring Him and throwing my own pity party.

So Lord please help me to love my process and to enjoy it. I want my process to make me rich because that is where I am learning who You are for me and who I am becoming in You. Help me to see my problems as possibilities and may my possibilities become a part of my story and my journey to train me in favor and expectation. And even if I am under pressure, I can receive the things that You want me to have. Amen


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