2020 Homeschool Room Tour

Our summer holidays are coming to an end and the first day of school for 2020 is looming. We have thoroughly enjoyed our summer break this year with what feels like a million trips to the beach. We have visited the beach so much that our boards and snorkels and goggles have never made it into the house to be put away, they have remained at our front door all summer long!

I know that getting back in to the rhythm of school days is going to be hard for all of us but the beauty with homeschooling is that we can be super flexible. So if the beach is calling our names we can run off and enjoy the water without worrying too much about sticking to our schedule. I think that is one of the things that I love the most about our new homeschool lifestyle, the flexibility of our life now.

Over the summer break I have been working hard on beautifying our homeschool space and I had so much fun doing it. Our homeschool space is in our main living area and we spend every day in there so I wanted the space to feel like the rest of my home with a boho vibe and to not feel to school roomy. This is our home and not a classroom and I wanted it to reflect that.

For my homeschool room make over I hit up my favourite store in the whole world, Kmart Australia! I am in love with their homewares department and I picked up some new furniture pieces for the room and some decor items as well. I love Kmart Australia because they are so affordable and very on trend as well.

I love how the space turned out. It looks beautiful and yet is still super functional with plenty of storage to hide away all of our homeschool things. You can have a peek inside our homeschool space in my video below. Enjoy!


One thought on “2020 Homeschool Room Tour

  1. Fantastic. Go girl. We love your homeschool room tour post. You look and sound great. So proud of you. Hugs Us xxx

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