New Curriculum for 2021

A new school year has started here in Western Australia. The summer holidays seemed to just fly by for us this year and before we knew it February arrived and with it the new school year. This year we have a kindergartener, first grade, third grade and seventh grader. All the kids are now doing homeschool and for the first time we have a highschooler!

I am excited to get stuck into school this year as we are beginning a new curriculum here in the Lake House Homeschool. I have been drooling over this beautiful new curriculum from Gather Round Homeschool ever since it was released a few years ago.

There are so many reasons why I love this curriculum…

🖤 It is an all inclusive curriculum, which means that everything that you need to teach your children is included in this curriculum and all you need to add to it is math. No more purchasing multiple books and programs. Gather Round is minimalistic and I just love that.

🖤 You can use it for all of your children, from kindergarten right through to high school. I love to teach family style, where we are all learning the same thing together. The curriculum is organised into unit studies, I read aloud from the teachers guide to all of my children and then they work in their own levelled notebooks.

🖤 It is a christian curriculum and is beautifully written, and

🖤 It comes as a digital download so I can print at home and not pay an arm and a leg on shipping costs!

We are one week into the Asia unit study and so far we are in love with this new curriculum. I have done a more in depth look at the curriculum on my Youtube channel if you would like to have a closer look at this beautiful new curriculum.


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