New Curriculum for 2021

A new school year has started here in Western Australia. The summer holidays seemed to just fly by for us this year and before we knew it February arrived and with it the new school year. This year we have a kindergartener, first grade, third grade and seventh grader. All the kids are now doing … Continue reading New Curriculum for 2021


2020 Homeschool Room Tour

Our summer holidays are coming to an end and the first day of school for 2020 is looming. We have thoroughly enjoyed our summer break this year with what feels like a million trips to the beach. We have visited the beach so much that our boards and snorkels and goggles have never made it … Continue reading 2020 Homeschool Room Tour

Forgiveness : part two

For so long I have struggled with forgiveness, but once I had that revelation that forgiveness is actually all about processing pain, about facing pain from the past and dealing with it, the journey to truly forgiving someone else has become so much more easier. I am going to break down the journey to true … Continue reading Forgiveness : part two

Forgiveness : part one

I had someone who had hurt me. They had said things that were untrue about me, they were attacking my identity. My identity can be my weak spot. I thought I had worked through what had happened and had forgiven, dealt with it and moved on. The further I was from the situation the more … Continue reading Forgiveness : part one

There is no victory without a battle

I can be quite an impatient person, I am like a child who is waiting for their birthday to arrive constantly asking my mother how many sleeps to go and talking all the time about all the presents I want to get and what flavour of cake I would like to eat and who I … Continue reading There is no victory without a battle