Hold onto your hope

This is my song at the moment. I find myself in a season of waiting for my promises from the Lord to come to pass and this song just encourages me to hold onto my hope.¬†When you get a promise from God it is beautiful, it is sweet and it gives you hope for your … Continue reading Hold onto your hope


When the madness sets in

I was listening to the song Here Now by Hillsong United this morning and it felt very relevant to the feeling of despair that seems to be surrounding people at the moment. I am not one to watch or listen to the news. When the news comes on the radio in the car I tend … Continue reading When the madness sets in


https://youtu.be/pGe6ABM1tU0 This is my song at the moment. I find myself singing it over and over again, declaring it over myself until I fully believe it. It helps me to remember that in every season, and through all the changes that I may go through, God is always near. He gives me strength, He gives … Continue reading Anchor

When all seems lost, we pray.

There are far too many tragic stories in our world. When I hear somebody's sad and tragic story I feel helpless and just do not know what to say or do. I struggle to find the words to comfort them in their time of need and sometimes when I got to pray for them I … Continue reading When all seems lost, we pray.

The end of another year…

The end of another year is here, my thoughts begin to wander back over the events of this past year and I am amazed by all the things that have taken place in our lives. Our year began with quite a traumatic event in Greg having open heart surgery, Our little princess Emily had her … Continue reading The end of another year…