When the madness sets in


I was listening to the song Here Now by Hillsong United this morning and it felt very relevant to the feeling of despair that seems to be surrounding people at the moment.

I am not one to watch or listen to the news. When the news comes on the radio in the car I tend to hit the mute button as usually I have small children in the car who have sensitive ears and sensitive minds and hearts but the ‘news’ generally makes it to the feeds on my social media accounts. As hard as I try to avoid some current events they seem to find me and grab a hold of me.

I sense anger, desperation and hopelessness is filling the atmosphere at the moment, and when the song Here Now started to play through the headphones in my ears it made me stop and think that here lies a part of the answer to those feelings of madness and chaos that is swirling around at the moment.

… And my mind runs wild to comprehend what no mind on earth could understand…

We can often find ourselves in this position, our minds running wild to comprehend the things we are seeing and experiencing, but no mind on earth can understand. If only we could see from heavens perspective. If only we could have a glimpse into the future to when the madness has left us and to see ahead to the time when peace and joy reigns.

But we are in the here and now, where madness is all we can see and feel sometimes. So when the madness begins to set in we need to be still and to not join in on its crazy dance.

… Here now, all I know is I know that You are here now. Still my heart let Your voice be all I hear now. Spirit breathe like the wind come have Your way
Cause I know You’re in this place…

My mind can not comprehend some things but one thing that I know for sure is that I know that God is here now and I will still my heart and let His voice be all I hear. I will let His voice rise above all the other voices that I hear around me. His voice gives me the answers to my unanswered questions, His voice restores my faith, His voice restores my hope, my hope for a better here and now.

With my faith and hope restored I can rise above the madness that surrounds me. With the weight of the world no longer holding me down and the spirit breathing like the wind I can begin to pray, forecast hope, bring joy and shift the atmosphere.

I refuse to let the madness set in on me. Instead I will still my heart and let Gods voice be all that I hear. Spirit breathe, and like the wind come and have Your way because I know You’re in this place.


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