When all seems lost, we pray.

cslewis quoteThere are far too many tragic stories in our world. When I hear somebody’s sad and tragic story I feel helpless and just do not know what to say or do. I struggle to find the words to comfort them in their time of need and sometimes when I got to pray for them I am lost for words.

When I find myself not knowing what to do or what to pray I ask the Father what are you doing and what do you want me to do? How do you want me to pray? How do you want me to respond?

He already knows and sees and is heart broken also. We can go to God and pray with Him and bring heaven to earth. He has all the answers. We may not understand them but we have faith to know He has them. We don’t have to beg God to show His mercy, to show up or do something, He is already moving, listen and He will tell you.

This is how we can gain peace and understanding. This is how we can move on and reconcile our God as the loving Father we know Him to be.

Start to declare the opposite over these sad and tragic situations. Where there is hopelessness speak hope, where there is hate speak love, where there is turmoil speak peace. There is power in the spoken word and strongholds will be broken down.

He does not want us to become caught up in things that we can not change. Hopelessness will begin to enter into our hearts and the pit of despair becomes wider and deeper and harder to climb out of. He longs for us to trust Him, to know that He is a good Father and is moving even in situations that we don’t understand.

I love the quote above “it is not the load that breaks you down, it is the way you carry it”. Take your burdens to Jesus, He will carry them. He is our great intercessor, praying on our behalf. Give Him your load and take His peace instead.


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