hope for the soulHope.

It has been coming up often for me these past few weeks. At church, in my daily readings and during worship time. It has inspired me to think more deeply about this hope that I have.

This hope that I have is an anchor for my soul. It gives me strength, I become immoveable, unshakeable, holding firm to God and His promises. His promises of comfort, peace and protection. Of love and mercy. Salvation. Eternal life.

He is truth, He is unchanging. He is never swayed. His promises remain. The grass withers, the flowers fade but the word of God stands forever.

As I cast my anchor of hope into the sea, it dips below the waves and sinks into the seabed, firm and secure. Though the wind and waves of life may lash against me and try to toss me from my path, my anchor of hope in Him keeps me from losing my way.

My eyes are focused above and beyond. Focused on Him and His promises to me. His mercy carries me and puts my feet on solid ground again. Though the wind and waves may come at me, I am ready. For my soul is anchored, I shall not be moved.

So I encourage you. When everything is hopeless, believe anyway. Plunge into His promises and come up strong. Hope will swallow up hopelessness and when we hope against hope we can demonstrate God and reveal Him to the world.

Pastor Bill Johnson once said “profound hope will ensue a great legacy. What kind of legacy are you leaving behind?”


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