dreamPastor Bill Johnson made this statement last week, You need to give God something to breath on.

He went on to say that we need to lay all our hopes and dreams at his feet. Things we long to see happen in our lives, goals we want to achieve, dreams for ourselves or our children or our family. Career dreams, health and wellness dreams, world dreams, no dream is too big or too small. If it matters to you then it matters to Him. We need to have hope for every area of our life, our God is the God of the extreme and who knows no impossibility.

My mind is often filled with hopes and dreams and desires of my heart. From little things hoped for, a hope for time to sit and read and write without being interrupted. To big things that I dream of, the dream of one day taking a family holiday to Hawaii. What seems like insignificant things to the really big world changing things, the hopes, dreams and desires are there. They are often just on my heart, never spoken out loud or even put down on paper. I feel silly sometimes bringing them to God, why ask for this little thing when there are big things to be seen to but I need not make assumptions about what Gods will was or is as that is just human reasoning.

I was encouraged by Pastor Bills word to write my dreams down and bring them before the Lord. So that He may breath on them and bring life to them. So that they may awaken something in me, that my hope becomes ignited.

This small town girl from the south west coast of Australia would not be living here in California if I had not brought my hope, desire and dream before the Lord. Something was awoken in me, and He breathed on it and put everything in to place for me to be here. Remember He is the God of the extreme and knows no impossibility.

Romans chapter 4 & 5 has taught me that hope attracts Gods promises. The promises come by faith and by His grace. Against all hope we must have hope and believe. Do not weaken in your faith, do not waver in unbelief regarding the promises of God but be strengthened in your faith. God has the power to do what He has promised. Hope dose not put us to shame because Gods love has been poured out into our hearts. Christ died for us and God demonstrates His love for us in this.

So dream. Lay your hopes, dreams and desires at His feet and see what may come of them. Don’t number them or prioritize them just bring them all before the Lord and let Him breath on them.


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