In every season….


Winter has well and truly set in here in my small part of the world. The mornings have become increasingly colder, ice covers the ground each morning and you can see your warm breath lingering in the cool crisp air.

As I ponder the new winter season that has settled in my home town and the new season that I am now walking in – the words that keep echoing through my mind are “bear fruit in every season”.

In every season it is my desire to always be bearing fruit, to always be standing firm and flourishing. To be so deeply rooted in God and in who I am that no matter what kind of season I find myself in I am always learning, always growing and always having peace and joy in my heart.

In every season I remind myself that God always remains the same. I call out and He will answer. He will provide direction, clarity and wisdom. He will provide strength, courage and comfort.

To remain firm and flourishing throughout every season you need to continue to do the things that anchor your soul. Continue to fix your eyes on Jesus, not looking to the left or to the right but focusing on His promises and His good character. Not to retreat but to remain steadfast in Him. To read and memorize the word of God and to draw close to God and enter into His presence where you can draw from His strength and be filled once again.


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