Lock eyes with the one….

And I will lock eyes with the one who’s ransomed me, the one who gave me joy for mourning. And I will lock eyes with the one who has chosen me, the one who set my feet to dancing. Steffany Gretzinger

There is so much noise going on at the moment. I feel as though the world is shouting so loud that I need to stop listening. I need to refocus and realign myself before what the world is shouting becomes too much.

As I shut off the world (social media) and started listening to some truths I began to feel settled once again. I was listening to the song We Dance by Steffany Gretzinger and I was reminded that when my faith seems tired and my hope seems lost I need to lock eyes on God. When the world seems crazy and confusing I need to not look to the left or the right but just focus on Him and focus on what He is saying.

Jesus is the perfect example for us to follow. He too grew tired and weary and struggled with all the noise in the world. He would draw away to be with His father where He would ask Him what He was saying and what He wanted Jesus to do.

I love what Steffany Gretzinger wrote about her song We Dance…

…”I think if I could send any message it’s that there are so many worldviews and messages about what love looks like but I feel like if there’s one thing we have to learn to do it’s to get completely lost in that place. In His arms, in His eyes, and remembering what He said first to us. When we hear those other voices and they get loud, we should remember to let Him lead. Go back to that place and let Him sing that song that He wrote for us over us until we believe it again. Everything is made right in that place.

The bridge is that response. “I will lock eyes with the One who ransomed me, the One who gave me joy from mourning.” All of a sudden, there’s the dance, everything is made right, and we are declaring back to Him that this is our choice. This is what we’ll do. It turns into a really positive declaration”  (you can read the rest of the article here).

When you begin to struggle and you do not know what to do or what to believe then lock eyes with the Father. Spend time listening to Him and reading His word and there you will find the answers. His answers are always full of love. When we hear those other voices getting louder and louder, we should remember to let God lead. Let Him sing that song over us that He wrote for us until we believe it again.


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