If you’re in Jesus, your identity is not who you were or what you do; it’s who He is. – Louie Giglio

There are so many wonderfully inspiring people in the world who are doing amazing things in their life. I see all the things that they are doing and accomplishing and then look at my life and I cant help but feel how incredibly small what I do seems.

I begin comparing myself to others and start to think that I am coming up short. I begin to lose my focus and start to think I need to be doing this and I need to be accomplishing that because that is what they are doing. The feelings of failure, shame and disappointment set in. I begin to lose myself and I pick up another persons identity. I have lost myself because I never fully understood who I really was, never knowing my true identity.

How do we start to know who we are? Where do we begin on this journey of discovering our true identity and not living with that sense of failure and shame?

We can begin to find our identity from our Heavenly Father. We need to discover who He truly is first. We need to know that He is good, loving, kind and faithful. We need to know that when He sent His son Jesus Christ to die on the cross He won our victory. We are now forgiven and free from the lies the enemy tries to get us to believe and we now have His righteousness.

Imagine yourself face to face with the Father, lean in and feel His heart and listen for what He says and feels about you. Write them down, meditate on them and start declaring them over your life. My identity in Christ is love, joy and peace, anything that takes these things from me is not true about me.

The more time that you spend in His presence the more you will begin to understand and know Him and know who you are in Him.

We can learn and be inspired by others, but be you. Know who you are and stop trying to be someone else.


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