Walking in the winter season


As I set out on a walk late one afternoon the setting sun was dazzling my eyes, I could smell the salty sea air and hear the waves rolling in on the beach. It had been raining and the earthy smell of the damp refreshed ground was filling my senses.

A word from God came into my heart whispering “yes it is a winter season but my rain is falling, nourishing the ground and growth is still happening. I am almighty God and I am still providing. I am the creator of the seasons, I know what you need and no one knows you better than me”.

The words made me really reflect on how I had been feeling lately. My body was telling me that I was tired and weary and I was trying to do everything and be everything and I was going crazy in my mind thinking about it. So I began to shift my focus and listen to what He was saying to me.

In my heart I can actually feel His winter rain more than ever right now. I can feel myself growing and stretching. I can feel His supernatural provision and favor over my life. It is so true, God knows me better than anyone and even better than myself and He is providing me with all that I need.

It is so easy to be blinded to the reality of your season. I was telling myself that this is such a tiring and hard season. The rain is pouring down all at once and I’m trying to hold all of these umbrellas but the reality is that yes it is hard but look at the growth that the rain is bringing.

I was reminded to stop looking at the negative and start focusing on the positive. My heavy rain is bringing provision and it is bringing growth, so I say thank you Lord and continue to pour down on me! I stopped and thanked Him for recalibrating me, for speaking into my life at just the right moment, He is so good like that.

Position yourself and your heart so that in every season you can still hear Him. Despite all that is going on, still have your ear turned to the Father. He will speak into your heart at just the right time with just the right words.


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