Understanding the fullness of “know that I am God”


I have been pondering Psalm 46 lately.

Psalm 46 is most memorable for verse ten, be still and know that I am God. When I read this verse it reminds me to stop striving, stop worrying and to be still and come into His presence.

But when I read this verse again the other day, the words that stood out more clearly then any of the others printed on the page were the words know that I am God. 

He wants us to remember that He is God, He set the earth into motion. He placed the stars in the sky and the sand on the sea shore. He thoughtfully planned and carried out every intricate detail of creation including me. He knows me, He sees me and He passionately loves every aspect about me.

He is the God of miracles, He worked miracles then and He works miracles today. When you are in need of the hand of God to come into your situation and begin to turn the tide of your life, He can do it.

Everyone look! Come and see the breath taking wonders of our God. Psalm 46 verse 8 Passion Translation.

He is our Father who is the King, ruler over everything and we are His children who have access to all that He owns. When we are in need we only have to ask. He always provides and it is always in His perfect timing.

He is God who is the same yesterday today and tomorrow. His nature and His love are never changing. He will not change His mind, He will not go back on His promises. His grace and His mercy are always on offer, they are never rescinded.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13 verse 8

If this is who our God is then we do not need to live with the feeling of fear, worry, stress or anxiety. When we begin to fully understand that He is God then all these negative feelings begin to melt away.

Having the knowledge that my Father is God and He is all the things that I wrote about above, when we have that tucked away in our minds and in our hearts it leads us to be able to walk in the fullness of life that He has planned for us.

We must hold firmly to the knowledge that He is God. Let everything else fade away and just hold firmly to that. He is God and He can turn all things into good, He protects, guides, loves and will always remain faithful. He is everything and all that we need Him to be, all the time and in every circumstance. So I encourage you to be still and know that He is God.


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