Lord, breathe on me again


As the new year begins I have been reflecting on all the things I have seen unfold in my life over the past year and I am pondering all the things that I have yet to see come to pass.

I have been reflecting on all the words I got directly from God and prophecies that I have received via other people to see if they have happened or if I am getting closer to seeing them happen in my life.

When I received a word from God my heart would leap and dreams and desires would begin to unfold in my heart. But in my time of reflection I have had to try and make sure that I do not get too disheartened when I still seem so far away from reaching these dreams.

Some of the things that I am waiting on seem so far out of reach and almost impossible for me to see them happening and that is when I let go of them. I let go of the dreams that God has placed within me, I put the promises of God down and forget all about them. And when I let the dreams and promises go, my hope and faith goes with them.

But in my process I am discovering that even though I might let go of the dreams and promises from God, He does not let them go. If I keep my heart always positioned towards the Lord, if I keep my heart soft towards Him and not hardened, He will come and breath on me again.

He breathes new life into me again because He wants to fill me again with His promises and His destiny for my life. I still may not see the things I am waiting on happen right now but what does happen is I become connected to Him once again, which is the destiny for my life, to be connected to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

If I am not connected with the Lord then I am trying to do things out of my own will power and my own strength. When I am doing things on my own I grow weary and give up on my dreams.

The Lord wants me to be so tightly connected to Him so that no matter what might happen in my life, I don’t give up. I don’t give up in the waiting; I don’t put my dreams down and give up on the promises of God.

Eventually I will see the things I am waiting on come to pass because I know that nothing is impossible when you put your trust in God because God is faithful and His promises are something He always keeps.

“No, I will not break my covenant; I will not take back one word of what I said.” Psalm 89:34 (Living Bible)

But in the process of waiting is where my destiny is coming to life. My intimate connection is being made stronger, my hope and faith is building and I am being strengthened in the Lord. And if waiting for dreams to be fulfilled is the process that I need to go through to see these things develop and strengthen in me then I will wait and wait some more.


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