Tips for first time homeschoolers

Are you new to the world of homeschool? That first year of homeschooling your children can feel very overwhelming. I am a qualified teacher and I remember still feeling overwhelmed in my first year of homeschooling. There was so much going on in that first year, I was trying to find the perfect curriculum for my children, I was trying to establish healthy routines, the children were getting used to doing school at home with me as their teacher and all while just doing the regular mum type of things like keeping the kids alive and running the house!

I think for me in that first year I was overcomplicating things. I was trying to do all of the things from the very first day we started and I was putting way too much pressure on me and on the children. If I could go back in time and do that first year again then I would definitely do it differently. I would slow down and not try to do all of the subjects in the first term, my days would be more slower and relaxed not worrying about getting it all done in a day. I would give myself and the children more time to ease in to the homeschool way of life.

I have done a video giving my top tips to help first time homeschoolers in their first year of homeschooling. That first year does not have to feel so overwhelming, we just need to slow down and ease our way into our new homeschool way of life.

If you are new to homeschooling and you have a bunch of questions then just ask me, I am happy to help you out on your new exciting journey and hopefully help you to feel less overwhelmed in this new season that you find yourself in.


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