How I plan our homeschool curriculum for the year

I love planning our homeschool year. I usually start to dream and plan for the year when I am coming to the end of a school year so usually in the beginning of November I start to think about what the following year will look like. I like to start planning in November so that I am done before the summer holidays hit and then I can relax through the Christmas season and enjoy my summer break before school starts again in February. I will even order my first terms curriculum and books, print everything off and have it ready to go.

When I begin to dream and plan for the next homeschool year I go through a set of simple steps.

  1. Firstly, I set learning goals. I will set family goals and individual goals for all my children

2. I then familiarise myself with the Australian Curriculum

3. I carefully choose the curriculum and books that I would like to use

4. And then I create a scope and sequence which includes all of the curriculum, books, online programs and excursions I plan to use for the homeschool year to show my moderator

I have created a video outlining all of these steps in more detail which you can watch below. It also includes links to some helpful documents that I use when planning my curriculum choices.

When I create a scope and sequence I just write out all the learning areas and then list the curriculum, books, excursions and any online programs we plan on using for the school year. Here is a simple outline for creating a scope and sequence.

If you have any questions about homeschool curriculum planning I would love to help you out, just leave a comment below.

Marieka xoxo


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