A look inside my homeschool room

We spend everyday in our homeschool room so I wanted to make sure that it was a space that we absolutely loved for its beauty and its function. Our homeschool space also happens to be in our lounge room which is in the heart of our home, so I wanted to make sure it fitted with the rest of the decor of our home and not too much like a classroom. After all homeschool is not school at home, it is homeschool so it should look like a home.

This year we started our year off doing an Oceans Unit Study from Gather Round Homeschool so I decorated our space with ocean themed decor. We live by the sea so we have a vast collection of seashells, sea stars and sea bird feathers. I purchased these beautiful ocean themed posters from Kmart Australia and my children love them.

I also included a little space just for me. I set up this little corner of the room for me to do my artwork. I have everything I need with in reach to sit down and take some time for myself to draw and paint. My children have all their art supplies located in the draws you can see located in the corner. The draws hold all of the bits and pieces that they need to create beautiful masterpieces, paint and paint brushes, watercolours, paper, glue, feathers, pop sticks, goggly eyes and so much more. They simply pull out the trolley of draws from the corner and wheel it to the table and create until their little hearts are content.

You can have a complete tour of our beautiful homeschool space here…


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