Homeschool 101 Series | How to get registered

Welcome to my brand new Homeschool 101 series!

I will do a series of posts here on my blog and videos on my YouTube channel covering all of the topics that most people who are new to homeschooling usually want to know about.

The first topic I am am going to cover is how to get registered to start homeschooling here in Australia.

The registration process is fairly easy and it is a legal requirement so make sure you are registered to start homeschooling once you know that you definitely want to go down the road of homeschooling your children.

Registering to homeschool is slightly different for each state so you will need to look at the education department website for your state to find out the exact details and requirements.

Here are some helpful links for you to get registered in your state or territory.

Homeschooling in Western Australia

Homeschooling in the Northern Territory

Homeschooling in Queensland

Homeschooling in New South Wales

Homeschooling in Victoria

Homeschooling in the ACT

Homeschooling in Tasmania

Homeschooling in South Australia

You can watch my YouTube channel where I walk you through the process of registering to homeschool and make sure you check back in for the next instalment of the Homeschool 101 series where I will walk you through using the Australian Curriculum.


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